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Time for a toast!

A cheeky tipple is all part of the birthday fun, so why not make sure they can enjoy theirs in style? Our range of glasses is guaranteed to include something to make them smile and provide a brilliant keepsake to remind them of the day. 

You can choose from our in-store glasses, which you’ll recognise from our shops on the high street, or our personalised glassware

All of our in-store designs come as they are, so they are ready to be wrapped up and given to the birthday boy or girl. You’ll find a mix of Champagne flutes, wine glasses and pint glasses in this range, which includes special age gifts

If you want to add something extra to the glassware you give them on their birthday, why not personalise it? Our extensive range of personalised glasses can all have a unique touch added to them, allowing you to give them a gift made just for them.

Personalising your glass is easy too, as you just type the name or message you want on it in the text boxes on the product page. The boxes will show you the character limit, so you can make sure your message fits. We’ll then engrave exactly what you write - so make sure there are no mistakes - to create a gift they’ll love. 

But it isn’t just the glasses you can get, we also have the drink to go in them! Get them a bottle of personalised wine or prosecco to help them celebrate on their birthday and make the day even better.

Depending on the bottle design you choose, you can add their name or a photo to our high-quality labels so they know the bottle is just for them. Another great way to help them remember a special birthday, you can easily create a thoughtful gift set they’ll love. 

Now all you need is a brilliant birthday card and you’re on your way to really spoiling them!