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Star Wars Stormtrooper Light Up Balloons x5

Product Description
It’s not quite a lightsaber, but these light up balloons with Stormtrooper portraits are sure to bring just as much joy to your child’s birthday party. The balloons each feature 1 of 3 Stormtrooper portraits – the classic stormtrooper, the snowtrooper or the flametrooper.

Key Features
  • Star Wars Stormtrooper portrait designs
  • LED inside balloon
  • Inflation band included
  • Deflation stickers included
If your kid loves Star Wars, then these are a great addition to a Star Wars themed birthday party, or really any birthday party you throw for them. They’re easy to use – just pull the tag and inflate the balloon and the LED inside will glow for up to 15 hours.
Buy these light up Star Wars stormtrooper balloons for your kid’s birthday party, Star Wars themed or not.

  • White
  • Diameter of inflated balloon 23cm
  • Latex
Please Note:
Do not inflate the balloon past the maximum size. A balloon pump is recommended.
Not recommended for helium gas.
Contains non-replaceable batteries.
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