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40th Birthday Classic Champagne Flute

Product Description
This champagne flute has a gold embossed 40 on the glass for the birthday person, a stem full of gemstones for extra style and is exceptionally tall, just right for champagne.

Key Features
  • Gold embossed 40
  • Gold gemstones inside stem
  • Pink and black patterned gift box
The fortieth birthday champagne flute doesn’t have to be used to drink champagne. It can be used as a beautiful decorative ornament, even if left in the gift box, which looks great in its own right. If there is champagne, though, why not break this out for the birthday person? And if there isn’t champagne, use this as an excuse to get some!

Buy this fortieth birthday champagne flute for a friend or family member as a nice ornament, or just an excuse to open up some nice champagne.

  • Box: H 27cm x W 9.5cm x D 8.5cm
  • Glass: H 24cm (with stem), 12.5cm (inside) x D 7cm (base), 4cm (lip)
  • Glass
Care Instructions:
Wash before first use. Handwash only. Use only warm soapy water and take care when drying. Not suitable for dishwashers.
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