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21st Birthday Silver Balloon Bouquet INFLATED & FREE DELIVERY!

Product Description
This 21st birthday balloon really sparkles, with hundreds of small silver dots around the “Happy 21st Birthday” text. It sparkles even more as part of this balloon bouquet, with 2 silver star shaped balloons backing it up, all tied together with silver balloon ribbon and matching weight.

Key Features:
  • 3x Helium Inflated Balloons
  • 1x 21st Birthday Balloon
  • 2x Foil Silver Star Balloons
  • Matching ribbon and co-ordinating balloon weight
  • Decorative tissue paper and ‘foiletti’ silver star sprinkles
The balloon bouquet is even more dazzling when it’s opened at the party by the birthday person. The balloons arrive in a box, covered in foiletti sprinkles and decorative tissue paper, waiting to be pulled away to let the balloons float free and amaze.

Order now to your home for a fantastic experience on their big day.

  • Diameter: 45.7cm per balloon
  • Balloons float to 120cm height with weight
  • All measurements approx.
Take Care:
Foiletti is not suitable for young children due to small parts.
Please Note:
Product may vary slightly from featured. 
This balloon may conduct electricity. Do not release the balloon outdoors or near overhead power lines. Do not use a metallic ribbon with the balloon. Use with counterweights. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

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