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Christmas Gift Boxes - Hugs Set of 3 Stacked Boxes Special Christmas

Product Description
Are you looking for ways to send your extra special gift? Featuring the adorable Hugs character, these 3 gift boxes are the perfect packaging for your present. 

Small Box
The smallest box in this set has a red and white striped base box. The purple lid features Hugs bear in a snowy setting with white and blue snowflakes and a message saying 'Happy Christmas'.

Medium Box
The medium sizes gift box has a purple base with white snowflakes. The blue lid features Hugs bear wearing a stripey hat and scarf.  

Large Box
The biggest box in this set of 3 has a green base box with white snowflakes. The red lid features Hugs bear wrapped up in a hat and scarf. 

Small: W12 cm x H10 cm x D12cm
Medium: W14 cm x H11 cm x D14cm
Large: W16 cm x H13 cm x D16cm

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