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Celebrate the happy couple!

Mark an important moment in a couple's life by sending them a thoughtful engagement card. Our range of in-store card includes beautiful designs and really lovely messages so you can share their excitement and congratulate them for taking such a big step. 

Our in-store engagement cards can also be found in our high street stores, but we've put them all in one place online so you can find the perfect way to say congratulations from the comfort of your own home.

Every card is designed and made by us, so you won't find them anywhere else. Just as when you buy them from a store, your card will come in a cellophane wrapper for protection and be teamed with a matching envelope. 

Not only are all of our engagement cards designed with care, many of them are also handmade, so you can be assured that they are high quality, even if they do start from only 99p! This also means that we get to add pretty little touches like foil embossing and diamantes to make sure every card looks as fabulous as possible.

Each of our in-store cards comes with a thoughtful and heartfelt message, allowing you to share a special wish on the day they get engaged without having to think of something brilliant to write. However, you can also add something extra to the card you choose, as there is space inside all of them to handwrite a greeting of your own. 

If you can't find quite the right design in our in-store selection, we also have plenty of personalised engagement cards for you to choose from. All of these designs are exclusive too but they can be turned into something unique as you can add photos or names to the front.

You can also add a message of your own to be printed on the inside of the card for the ultimate personal touch. Once you've finished your personalised card, we'll even send it directly to the happy couple so they get your congratulations as quickly as possible.

But it isn't just cards that we have to help them celebrate, you can also find great engagement gifts from only £2.99! What better way to give them something to help them remember a special day?