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Send your child a personalised message from the North Pole!

Everybody remembers what it was like to believe in the magic of Christmas and how exciting it was wondering what Father Christmas would leave in your stocking on Christmas morning. Now, you can help keep the magic alive for your child with one of our personalised letters from Santa.

Get your little one excited for the big day by having them write a letter to Santa Claus, all the way in the North Pole. Then, send them one of our personalised cards in return, letting them know they've been a good little boy or girl this year. Both of the letters can be customised online with your child's name, and a few other details like their hobbies and relatives. 

As well as offering a letter directly from the desk of Santa Claus, we also have a letter from the Elf Department, too! Both feature adorable cartoon designs and can also be personalised on the inside with any message you like. If you order before 2pm, you can select our next-day UK delivery option. 

Once you're done sending a letter from Santa, don't forget to find them a card from you as well! Our Christmas card shop is home to a wide range of lovely cards for kids. We have personalised options, cards as seen in store, and even photo upload cards!

You'll also find a huge selection of children's gifts online too. Whether your little one's into all things unicorn, loves cuddly toys, or has a real sweet tooth, we have something for every kind of child, as well as the bags and boxes you'll need to get everything wrapped up. Browse our kid's gifting range today, and make sure they get what they asked for from Father Christmas.