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The perfect birthday greeting!

Your grandad is one of your biggest cheerleaders and always treats you like you're special, so make sure you do the same for him on his birthday. While there are lots of ways to help him celebrate, sending a great birthday card that will make him feel loved is always going to be a fab option. 

If you know he loves a classic design, take a look at our in-store cards. You'll have seen these in our high street shops and they come with great finishes. They also already have messages included, so you can wish your grandad a great birthday without having to work out exactly what to write. 

In fact, all you need to do when your card arrives is sign your name in it and put it in the envelope ready for your grandad's birthday. 

Alternatively, you can add your own special message to one of our personalised cards. These cards are a great way to send a greeting that is totally unique.

Once you've picked the design you think he'll like, click "Create Your Card" to add your personalisation to the front. Text boxes will show you where you can add a name, message or age, as well as the character limit for each section. Type what you want to appear and preview your card. We'll print exactly what you write so now is the time to check for typos!

You can then add a message inside the card, where there are three text boxes that allow you to add a message at the top, bottom and in the middle of the card. The font type, colour and size can be easily changed while you can also add emojis. 

If your grandad is celebrating reaching a milestone, why not personalise one of our special age cards to provide him with a fantastic keepsake? 

For a really special touch, you can create a card that is completely unique. Our range of photo birthday cards allows you to add between one and 12 of your own images - depending on the card you've chosen - to the front of your card and will help show your grandad how much you care. 

Upload your photos from Facebook, Instagram or your device in just moments to start to your design. Once you've placed your images, you can zoom in, rotate them or add a filter effect to make sure they look perfect.  

Finish your card by adding a message inside, just as with a standard personalised card, and it's ready to go! We can even send it back to you with a spare envelope or pop it in the post to arrive at your grandad's house.