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Birthday Card - Shower Time

Product Description
Cover Message:
  • How to shower like a woman: - Take off clothes, put gently in laundry basket. - Look at body in mirror, dislike everything. - Get in shower. - Use fragrant shampoo, vitamin-enhanced conditioner, essential body wash and fruity facial scrub. Rinse and repeat if necessary. - Shave all important areas. - Pumice feet. - Wipe down shower. - Wipe down shower. - Dry off. - Put on robe and wrap head in towel. 
Inside Message:
  • How to shower like a man: - Throw clothes on floor. - Admire yourself in mirror. - Get in shower. - Blow nose in hand. - Fart. Laugh at your fart. - Pee on floor. - Wash hair with shampoo only. - Was bum and privates. (Take extra time here) - Partially dry off. - Admire yourself in mirror. - Think, "Is she lucky or what?" - Happy Birthday!
Envelope Colour:
  • Yellow
  • H18 x W12.5cm
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