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Stop them flying up, up and away...

Your helium balloons may look great, but they're no use if they don't have something to keep them from floating away! Whether you're planning a birthday party or sending someone a gift to help them get well soon, a balloon or balloon bouquet with matching ribbon and weights is perfect for any occasion!

Our single balloon weights are available in a number of different colours, each wrapped in shining cellophane and finished off with sparkling starry decorations. Choose one to match the balloons you've bought - just don't forget to purchase some coordinating ribbon too!

Did you know we also stock multipack counterweights? Buy your weights in packs of 6 so you can arrange all your helium balloons however you like. You can even attach multiple balloons to one weight to create pretty bouquets and arrangements for parties.

Stand your balloons on the floor or put them on tables to make sure everyone knows who's celebrating. And to make your home or party venue look even more amazing, you can add table decorations! We have options for kids parties, as well as milestone age accessories and options for all kinds of other events. 

Searching for the perfect balloon for a party or get together? Browse our balloon shop - you're sure to find something you like. From happy birthday balloons to Valentine's balloon bouquets, we have them all! Many of them can be delivered inflated, or blown up by a member of staff in many of our high-street stores.

While you're online, don't forget to buy the cards and gifts you need for the special occasion too! Our range includes birthdays cards, anniversary cards, and milestone age cards, as well as personalised and in-store gifts for every recipient, and any occasion.